It was 8 in the morning, I was ready with my usual routine of breakfast. Then I heard a loud noise outside, it was too unfamiliar to be a generator. It was a Cleaning Vehicle brooming the streets. In little developed societies like ours, a cleaning vehicle can actually be a big thing, something that had already become a common routine in developed countries in the 1990s or before.

Random throwing of garbage is a daily problem in many places, especially where there are unclear rules and procedures. I was shocked and saddened when my eyes caught the sight of a little school kid throwing chocolate wrappers out of the school bus the kid was traveling in. Our books are advocates of environment protection, and the habit we must follow. If we couldnt change the mindset of a little toddler, what are the odds that we may be able to encourage the entire population to change? Its a hard work. Nevertheless, we must continue, and the results will show up.

My concern looms over the incident, we must teach our kids, our cousins and every little one we know, so that they may be able to understand the beauty and the importance of mother nature. When it starts small, it lasts long. We have to close the gap between the ideal (what has been taught in books about environment protection) and what actually happens in real life, so that these little ones may grow up to be more responsible. We can try by branding ‘being responsible’ as cool.
Because being responsible actually is really cool.

Lets start by throwing the wrappers in the dustbin, and keep them in pockets when the bins are not in sight, something my parents always made sure I did.

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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