Happy Ever After? – Part II

Part II – On the Wedding Day

The wedding bells were all set. Cinderella was already the most beautiful lady in the entire kingdom, the wedding dress just added a few more sparks to her. Her face shone like the sun. As she took her final steps to be wed, the entire kingdom waited. It was all too perfect. And perfect things don’t exist, Cinderella knew that. The atmosphere was enchanted with the laughs and giggles of the people gathered. The confetti looked like snow of happiness. Auzora, the fairy godmother watched from the crowds as her beloved Cinderella took the final step.

“Do you take Cinderella, daughter of Lady Katherine as your wife?” asked the priest.

Eric stared at his bride to be. His thoughts moved like the ocean.

“Do you take Cinderella, daughter of Lady Katherine as your wife?” he asked again.

Eric did not reply. The crowd had begun to show some signs of restlessness. The priest waited. Cinderella waited. Everyone waited. But there was no reply. The people at the back had begun gossiping.

“May be she’s not the one after all,” said one of the gentlemen.

“He does not love her or what?” said a lady.

‘Why wouldn’t you answer?’ thought Cinderella.

Eric’s heart began beating faster.

‘It would soon be over,’ he thought.

“I’m sorry,” he uttered as he walked away.

Cinderella stood there, hit by a blizzard. Auzora watched him as he walked towards the garden.

“I knew this would never last,” exclaimed Katherine with slight joy.

“May be I can marry him now,” said Pricilla.

“Something must have gone wrong,” whispered Auzora as she watched Cinderella leave after him.

Happy Ever After? – Part I

The entire world knows what happened to Cinderella after the prince Charming found her through the glass slippers. Here is my twisted version of the ending. Enjoy!

Part I

Prince Eric was all but smitten by the lady he danced with the night before. He kept on staring at the one glass slippers left by the beautiful maiden.

“I don’t even know her,” uttered a desperate Eric.

He looked at them again, touched it gently as if it were its owner herself.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” questioned someone from behind.

“Daniel,” exclaimed the prince.

Daniel looked at Eric, his best friend, dissolved into the memories of a girl whose identity was yet unknown.

“How will you find her through a slipper?” he asked in a worried tone.

“It shall only fit the girl who danced with me the night before,” replied a confident Eric. His voice felt as if he knew what was to come.

Daniel sighed. “There could be a hundred girls out there.”

“No it shall only fit her. Please don’t be so pessimistic regarding my yet to start love story.”

“Well, I shan’t.”

From the next day a massive search for the lady began. Messengers were sent, guards were sent off to invite all the maidens in the kingdom to come and try their luck on the shoe.

“The prince shall marry the lady to whom the slipper fits!” gasped a girl hearing the announcement in a nearby village.

All the maidens reached the castle for a trial of the shoe. The eyes filled with hopes to marry the prince, constantly stared at the glass slipper that shone in the bright sun. All the maidens were their, even Cinderella, pushed by her mice friends.

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