This was the required runs that Nepal had to make, and made past it.

We have a long way to go, but if we’re to believe Pythagoras’s words, the beginning is the half of the whole. Thus, this alpha, this start is what will call on generations to put their hands together and work with the spirit of sports. Because we have seen that dreams do come true, and the stories of our childhood are not just mere fiction.

The Nepali Cricket Team deserves the applause. But this is not to stop here. We have a long way, and it’s a good thing that we got many things to learn together, as a team and as fans. The Dominos are now in effect, but there is so much of hope that this time they will rise, one after another, and not fall apart.

When we were a bunch of kids back in the 2000s, sports was just a game-one that helped you run around. It was way beyond from being a profession. There were a few forces working even back then, but the results had not shown, not enough to make people believe that it could be a full-fledged profession. The conditions are not much different even today, but this time we got hope, something that keeps everyone alive.

I do not yet understand the intricate technicalities of many games, but I do understand the emotion, something that gets my heart racing when the teams go on the fields. Not long ago, you could see kids lining up outside a TV store to watch matches. I still hear my mother and father tell me incidents from their youth days of ‘tole tole ma film herne’ (watching films in communities). It may not yet be much different in the rural areas even today, and that is why we need these dominos in a full forced rise. So, that most of us realize that we can ACHIEVE in any field we wish, but first we got to try.

Thanks to Nepal’s series of victories, courtesy to everyone who has been working so hard, we have hope for our country’s sports world, hope for more dreams and more kids looking forward to becoming the next Paras Khadkas and Shakti Gauchans.

We have faced numerous obstructions in the past. And here is an example that where there is a shadow there must be a light burning nearby. We got a long journey ahead, many more mountains to stand upon. The journey has been set in motion. Let it never stop. Let the spirit of sports always bind the world together.

Dreams matter, our works matter, no matter who we are, for the simple fact that they have the magic to inspire. Well, to inspire means a lot, don’t you think? 🙂

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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