Hi, I’m Alfa, born and raised in the medieval city of the Kathmandu Valley, the capital of Nepal. It is perhaps this medieval city that explains my fascination with history and folklores. 

Welcome to my world of words.

I didn’t know I wanted to write, until I wrote pages and pages of poorly written words. As I begin connecting the dots backwards, there were three reasons behind why I started writing. 

Reason no. 1: Bad Math

I was bad, utterly bad at math as a elementary school kid. While my friends were soaring with their 98s and 99s, I didn’t like arithmetic. One day my mother (who is a mathematics Professor!) told me that people who are not good with numbers may be good with words. I’m sure that was chiefly to cheer me up and make me feel better. It served as one of the most crucial steps towards my writing journey.

Reason no. 2: Ending Anime Seasons

As a 90s kid, I was a big fan of Anime, and I still am. I loved the storylines and the music that played along the series. Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my all time favorite Anime series. I played basketball for a couple of weeks solely inspired by Hanamichi from Slam Dunk. But when all my favorite shows came to an end, it made me sad (don’t forget I was just a kid!). It would make me anxious. To add up to the pain, one fine day the channel that broadcasted these series was closed in my hometown, and never showed up again. Eventually I would learn to create my own fan fiction.

Reason no. 3: Call it magic

I was that child who always got books for birthday presents. I read, and then I began to write. It was liberating like a gust of wind blowing into far away lands. In words, I travelled to places that would have never existed. I’d like to call it magic.

And yes, sometimes when I do wonder why do I write, I remember writing makes me happy.

Enjoy your visit here! 

An amateur writer day dreaming about characters almost all the time,


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