Growing Up #15: Alternate Lives

The week before last week, or last last week as the 12 year old me would say, I was in
conversation with a wise friend. Our conversation shifted to domain names, and the ubiquitous nature of them – always unavailable. My friend says it’s about being quick – finding alternatives. I say it’s about being lucky.

Perhaps it’s both, or neither. Either ways ‘unavailable’ is a tag attached unto many. And perhaps lucky enough to find an alternative is the next best thing there is. If so, then we must be a collection of alternative happenings, for a perfect collinearity of reality and want is a myth, existent only in the boxes of geometry.

If so, then we must be a wayward jumble of alternatives – shaped by all the things we couldn’t have. Thinking of ourselves as the next best alternative is rather strange, like looking at oneself not in the mirror but from the other side of the mirror.

Week 15 of writing a snippet a week, mostly on a Saturday. There are some cheat weeks of course, like  Monday or a Tuesday. 

Inktober + Poetry #1: Ring

Inktober 2019.png

In the ring today
who shall you face –
a friend, a foe,
an unknown shadow?

What moves do we have hidden
to survive this game?
maybe it’d be a loss today
for you haven’t slept on
your wounds from yesterday.

Inktober begins with digital drawing along with poetry. These days poems just tend to jump off of my pen. When I’d never really thought of myself as a poet.