143 Runs

This was the required runs that Nepal had to make, and made past it.

We have a long way to go, but if we’re to believe Pythagoras’s words, the beginning is the half of the whole. Thus, this alpha, this start is what will call on generations to put their hands together and work with the spirit of sports. Because we have seen that dreams do come true, and the stories of our childhood are not just mere fiction.

The Nepali Cricket Team deserves the applause. But this is not to stop here. We have a long way, and it’s a good thing that we got many things to learn together, as a team and as fans. The Dominos are now in effect, but there is so much of hope that this time they will rise, one after another, and not fall apart.

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Those 90 Minutes (2009)

What does 90 minutes mean to you? One hour and 30 minutes; are 90 minutes all that and nothing more? For some the same 90 minutes is their reward, victory, joy and also agony. 90 minutes are more than just time; it is joy, passion and energy. It is the feeling of being able to show that you are the best in the world. Those 90 minutes shaped lives and changed the world and made fans around the globe, tied us together in a world so different. This is the magical 90 minutes of football.

I never understood the importance of sports when I was a child. Overlooking sports was a common thing I did. I never realized that sports were just more than what I thought it to be. It was magical, energetic and revitalizing. It was also opportunity, chance and a way to show your skills. I was never good at sports, neither in football, basketball, tennis or anything else. Though I was a bit good at chess but then made no significant progress. During elementary school I found running interesting. But still I wasn’t quite fast. I remember participating in a race when I was in grade 7. I even tried getting selected in badminton games but couldn’t manage to. I wasn’t good enough. I was discouraged. This put off my interest from sports. I didn’t like playing, and did not find much interest in watching either.

Not very long after an anime series was on air in ‘animax’. ‘Slamdunk’, a story about a wanna be basketball star. It was good and I started watching the show. In no time I started playing basketball too but the magic didn’t last long as I stopped again.

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