Feet | Poetry

My feet run
only as long as
day light remains.

They run fast and
they are hard,
strong as steel,
made of the finest iron,
one of those things
that are really real.

They’ve crossed mountains
and streams
and valleys
of all kinds.
They’ve conquered kingdoms
and knights
and weapons
known to humankind.

But when night falls
and the lights run out,
they cripple,
devoid of it’s origins.

They run
to somewhere
where no demon should
reach, else it be consumed.

They do not have strength
in them,
it’s been sucked out.

It’s like drowning
in deep waters,
with your foot tied to an anchor.

Lend me a hand,
will you?
Because I cannot escape it alone.

Neither can you.

Tomato Cheese Bread | A Poem

If only everything were as
simple as tomato cheese
placed on a bead,
in one piece.

Heat it up,
add pepper and salt.
Microwave you sassy ones.
Rest just eat.

Doesn’t matter if it’s salty
or burnt in bits,
its tomato and cheese!
No complains.

If only everything were as
simple as tomato and cheese,
no matter what you’d always believe
you’d be happy
at its sight.
Tomato cheese and bread.

I was starving at tea time and made myself some easy stuff to eat. My go to stuff, tomato cheese and bread. That’s when I began thinking only if everything were as simple as that; your favorite food. You’d always be happy, even if it didn’t turn out to be as expected, partly because you are hungry, partly because it is your favorite.

Keys | Piano & Poetry

I have been wanting to mix poetry and piano for a while now. I love them both, and so I headed out to try by playing my tiny little keyboard and recording the sound using my headphones and a cool software called Garageband.

You can watch the video up there, or even read the poem below.


I’d like to make believe
that we’re like the keys
of the piano,
you and I,
never close-far far away,
and so you see we rarely meet.

Maybe you’re the C#
and I’m the B♭,
and if we go right
we’re exactly 8 keys apart,
but if we go left,
we’re only 2 keys away.

And despite the distance,
when a song strikes,
we meet –
every once in a while,
inside the notation of
a musical piece.

Perhaps we’re both Gs,
but an octave apart.
We sound different and
yet alike.
You see these keys,
how they have wonders in them.

And so I’d like to make believe
we’re like the keys
of the piano,
and sometimes
we do meet
inside of a
musical piece.

I’d like to make believe
we’re just
like the keys.

I’m a basic beginner with the piano. I was learning Mia and Sebastian’s Theme from the movie La La Land. The song wouldn’t leave my mind. I searched and practiced the simplest version available. While practicing an epiphany hit me. It wasn’t something big or marvelous, but I found it sweet, the idea that far away keys come together in a musical piece. Perhaps people are just like that too. We meet every once in a while inside the notation of a musical piece.