Can we change our personality? 

Introverts are withdrawn because they are internal. They are reserved because they are pensive. They are quiet because they are listening. This is why they are artists and writers, creators and inventors. ~ Lauren Martin, Elite Daily

I have always believed that the personality that defines us is like the skin we have; we can’t really change it (since we are not snakes, who are often believed to have an extra pair of skin in their closet!), but what we can do is choose the type of dress, colour and style that brings out the best in us or say try behaviors and patterns that fulfill and enhance our personalities including social and private life.

Enhance and control is the word, much more than change. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do let me know in the comments! 


When the lights are turned off
You wipe the makeup off your face
The heels are packed safely in a box

They take away all the classy clothes
The face you were for a momentary flash
And you wear those ballerinas
The hood covering your face from the cold
Walk past the roads, the ones you have known

Now do they know who you are?
The stories you’ve heard and seen so far
The glitters look all gold in the photograph
But eye to eye fake they are

They light with the camera flash
And then disappear in the dark
The masquerade is over now.