You find yourselfscattered –across time, across place,in the leaves of trees you’ve visited,or the words scribbled in walls, real and digital. Every piece is complete on it’s own,and yet when they come togetherthey make you more you than you. So you beginthis journeyto find your piecesthat you’d keptin various places,just to be safefor times when…

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Weeping Times

It begins from somewhere,a memory, a statement, a voice.And the tears come gushing inlike maddening storm to an otherwise perfectly solemn time. Weeping times, they areof things that cannot be changed,of things that aren’t accepted. We cry for these, don’t we?Everything else falls in between. So, my friend, when was the last timeyou had tears…

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That by adding just one molecule unto another, a new element emerges- by one tiny little molecule. What then, can we do to each other both of whom a compact combination of uncountable molecules.

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Why does my already half heart keep breaking fully all the time?