Inktober + Poetry #2: Mindless

Day 2

These mindless rambles
that inadvertently
jump off the tongue,
could they hold the
secrets of our hearts?

These mindless rambles about
that we cannot stop,
the convoluted awareness we
fail to comprehend, and
the inexplainable connection
we come across – unwarranted mostly.

These mindless rambles,
could they hold the
secrets of our hearts?

I love to ramble, about 1467 things, with people I treasure. 

Inktober + Poetry #1: Ring

Inktober 2019.png

In the ring today
who shall you face –
a friend, a foe,
an unknown shadow?

What moves do we have hidden
to survive this game?
maybe it’d be a loss today
for you haven’t slept on
your wounds from yesterday.

Inktober begins with digital drawing along with poetry. These days poems just tend to jump off of my pen. When I’d never really thought of myself as a poet. 

Growing Up #11: A Prose on Shopping

I could walk the entire day, stop for a few minutes in between, munch some food, and still be upright – ready to dash the next store. By the looks of it I really enjoyed shopping. From cat print shirts to neatly pressed coats, the energy slowly dwindled away. I don’t dash into store after store anymore. It’s not that shopping isn’t fun, but perhaps I’ve become more efficient, and my energy – divided.

There were days when I could buy oversized clothes – hey I was still growing! These days I walk out empty handed if they don’t fit me.

Do you kind of feel a little awkward when the beautiful piece of cloth fits so well on the mannequin but looks awful on you? Deception! Do you feel a small part of you get angry when the salesperson gives you a size hoping it’d fit you (they’re 100% sure), because by the looks of it – it should, but doesn’t? Do you begin to wonder if its just you, or perhaps it’s everyone else too? What kinds of clothes are they making?

And then sometimes you find one that fits just well, after having a heap of discarded ones on the floor. Does it then feel like an achievement?

I almost never find my shoe size. It’s almost always sold out. They say there’s just one pair for one size in one style. Why don’t they make more of it? Or it is just the thing they say to make up for the lack of it? Can’t say.

Do you sometimes worry about having to bargain? After a full day’s work, at the edge of Decision Fatigue, does it seem like a huge task? And so do you head into the fixed price store instead? Ah! at least everyone who buys there pays the same price.

A prose on shopping. So many things inside the mind of a supposed adult out on shopping. Anyways, I still manage to get some cat print items.

Week 11 of Growing Up – a series about growing up, every Saturday. How’s the digital drawing I tried? Did you shop this week? Let me know in the comments.