Inktober + Poetry #2: Mindless

Day 2

These mindless rambles
that inadvertently
jump off the tongue,
could they hold the
secrets of our hearts?

These mindless rambles about
that we cannot stop,
the convoluted awareness we
fail to comprehend, and
the inexplainable connection
we come across – unwarranted mostly.

These mindless rambles,
could they hold the
secrets of our hearts?

I love to ramble, about 1467 things, with people I treasure. 

Inktober + Poetry #1: Ring

Inktober 2019.png

In the ring today
who shall you face –
a friend, a foe,
an unknown shadow?

What moves do we have hidden
to survive this game?
maybe it’d be a loss today
for you haven’t slept on
your wounds from yesterday.

Inktober begins with digital drawing along with poetry. These days poems just tend to jump off of my pen. When I’d never really thought of myself as a poet.