When the lights are turned off
You wipe the makeup off your face
The heels are packed safely in a box

They take away all the classy clothes
The face you were for a momentary flash
And you wear those ballerinas
The hood covering your face from the cold
Walk past the roads, the ones you have known

Now do they know who you are?
The stories you’ve heard and seen so far
The glitters look all gold in the photograph
But eye to eye fake they are

They light with the camera flash
And then disappear in the dark
The masquerade is over now.

Would You Be a Cactus?

Meet Tiny Lady, a petite lass of 14, a princess in her world. Once Tiny Lady decided to take a walk in the garden in front of her granny’s house. Daisy, pansy, lily, rose, daffodils; the garden was filled with all kinds of flowers. Tiny Lady loved the sight of these beautiful little things. It was her favorite way of passing time.

Her small steps graced the garden like no other. The plants admired her presence. There were a few trees beyond the fence, not very tall but shady enough when the sun heated up. Tiny Lady smelt the flowerily fragrance in the air. She could smell her favorite; the pink rose that lay just across the main door.

She took a few steps when her eyes caught a different sight. A shrill ran down her body. Her smile turned into disgust. She had just seen the cactus beside the edge of the wall.

‘I don’t like the cactus,’ she uttered wanting to step away the next moment.

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