Growing Up #3: Age is just a number?

Age is just a number, they say.

Maybe they are right, it’s an arbitrary measure of how long you have lived chronologically.  But only if life could be lived in the simple timelines that come ahead. Some days I am 10 years behind, like a kid that I always am. Some days I function like an adult, apt for the time. Some other days I am a toddler, whose insatiable demands leave me heart broken. Some other days I am a philosopher trying her tiny hands at solving problems that may appear 10 years from now.

It does seem age is just a number. Like a river that splits into tributaries that visits different landscapes as it journeys through time, twisted and turned. A part of me lies in the pristine mountains, some other submerged in the waters of the South. Perhaps it would be best to let the streams unwind on their own and be washed into the sea.

No number could ever justify the depth that we have seen amalgamated into one.

Growing Up – a series on well, growing up. Every Saturday because Saturdays are perfect for overthinking.

What is it with age?

The alarm rings and you wake up. Have breakfast and head out for school or work. You impatiently stare at your watch waiting for the lecture to be over; the clock strikes 5 and you are ready to leave work. Come home, all tired and look at the plan for the next day.

You take the paper from the rack and the headlines are covered with young people your age doing wonderful things. You check the age of the latest popstar in town, its less than 20! You search the age of the latest popular TV actors, less than 25 it comes out. The bones in your body suddenly feel week; the straight As suddenly succumb into the dark.

I feel the rush to act, to do something instantly, to rush out of the door and into the sunshine. And the patience inside keeps on sliding away as the days pass on. We get old, and we feel the need to act more, to get something done. The patience is still sliding away.

Its good to have young role models coming up these days. But we got to take it positively for ourselves.

Sometimes I tell myself, that it isn’t about success at a young age, it isn’t about the high paying job at the early 20s, it isn’t about winning the top awards when you age less than 25, its about finding out a dream and then working towards it. That each person’s journey is incomparable to the other. Its about doing something worthwhile, whenever you can, whatever it may be, however small it may be. Its about reminding oneself all these, time and again, just like brushing your teeth every morning and night. Its about holding on, and perhaps not focusing too much on age.

Its about working without focusing too much on the rewards, its about doing the good ‘Karma’, and everything else will fall in place.