Paw Mgmt: What do you call a Cat who is an Entrepreneur?

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Spring semester is back and the class is taking a course on Entrepreneurship. Ideas are flowing from every nook and corner, and we are getting closer day by day into knowing who is an entrepreneur and what is entrepreneurship.

My thought on the same note: perhaps entrepreneurship is a feeling much like love, friendship and respect; an act like loyalty, persistence or perseverance. Entrepreneurship is a verb, a noun, an adjective, an adverb and much more. The entrepreneurial basket is expanding like our infinite universe, every year, every second, every moment.

Unlike last semester (when I planned much), this time around I’ll write and share my ideas on management much more often. I won’t become a couch potato and keep dreaming without actions.

The idea this Spring is #ICanBeAnEntrepreneur #WeCanBeEntrepreneurs

What are your thoughts on entrepreneurship? How did you find my Caturpreneur Cat Zinger? Do let me know in the comments.

Til’ the next post!


I am an undergraduate student of Business Administration. And I’ll be sharing some of my ideas in ‘Management’  here in my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading these excerpts and feel free anytime to drop in a comment or a suggestion!

We are always learning!