Publication, newsletters, articles – that has always been my thing. I volunteered to be the Chief Editor for my high school magazine. In university I stepped in for the yearbook team and when the main editor could not continue, I stepped up to take charge. Recently, I was the Division Editor for the Toastmasters Community in Nepal.

It seems to be my thing.

After procrastinating for a considerably long time, I’m launching The Wordcastle Bites, the newsletter from The Wordcastle where I’ll share articles in a consolidated and connected manner with some cool graphics straight to your inbox.

The newsletter will broadly focus on reading, writing, arts, and ideas from around the world. My aim with this newsletter is to share some personal and some curated expert advice on the arts and creative living.

Whenever someone says they want to become an artist there are three scenarios that pop up – they are eccentric, they are extremely talented, they are very very rich. Most of us are none of these three. We just want to make art. We’re not gifted. Because art is just as much labor (or even more) as it might be a gift.

Grab on a cookie and sign up here for The Wordcastle Bites!

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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