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Recap to Part I, Part II and Part III

Kaya’s heart was beating violently. She thought over and over again. It couldn’t be.

‘It is certainly not possible,’ she tried to remind herself. Aayu had become restless by the moment.

Somewhere at the other edge of the city Mayur laid stunned at the tricks of his memory.

‘Convergent point,’ Kaya exclaimed.

‘The unexpected often happens, that is how we learn things,’ she remembered Master Wei’s words.

The magicians at Middlelands often believed in convergent point of spells, but none of them had witnessed, until now. If identical words were spoken with the same rage or power, the spells would converge, even between two different worlds.

‘But how did they lose their memories?’ Kaya questioned herself preparing for the worst.

‘If Aayu and Mayur have no memory from before the spell, then none at Middlelands would either!’

It was true. Zafar had casted a time spell, one that erased events from the memory a few hours before the spell was casted. Only very powerful magicians could refrain the spell. Three masters but all could not remember anything about Zafar’s attack. They only knew they were now Zafar’s prisoners, but did not know why. Their memories would be back once the spell became irreversible.

Aayu remembered Mayur giving her a doll. She tried to find it, but she couldn’t.

‘But how did I come into the human world?’ Kaya questioned herself.

She was uncovering a mystery only few knew about.

‘Spells sometimes converge with objects, when they are fused together,’ she remembered Lady Rin talk about it once.

‘What did Zafar say?’ she needed answers, quickly.

Kaya tried to focus her memory and energy at the events before. Zafar had arrived at the ball, uninvited, unannounced. Eric had drawn his sword, but Zafar just needed a tiny spell to capture him. All the guests were captive inside his time cave, a prison of formidable waves around them. Then he casted the doomed spell over Kaya.

‘Remember, remember….what did Zafar say,’

Kaya felt uneasy as her little remaining heart began beating more violently than before. She needed to focus on Zafar’s final words, on which her entire world depended on.

‘You’re plastic forever, you’re heart!’

Zafar had screamed.


Mayur had come to bid his final goodbyes to Aayu. He had decided to leave for London the coming week. A lightening hit Aayu. She wasn’t ready to let her friend go. She wished he had prepared her for the final goodbye. Mayur felt equally horrible to break the bitter sweet news before her birthday. But he couldn’t have just vanished either.

He had bought a doll as an advance present for her birthday.

‘You’re telling me now,’ she demanded.

It seemed she wanted to start a fight that she wouldn’t have normally. The dam of emotions broke into pieces. Aayu wouldn’t stop. A guilt stung her, overcame her conscious.

Aayu came back home furious of her deeds. There lay a closed envelope over the table. It was her admission letter to medical school, which was a few hundred kilometers away from home. She was leave too, the fact acting like a catalyst tearing her into pieces. She didn’t want to grow up and walk the path, she wanted to freeze time. But even the most powerful magicians of Middlelands couldn’t do that. They could turn back time, twist it till their spells lasted, but stopping time was something they were not granted the privilege of.

Aayu unpacked the doll. Her name was ‘Kaya’ and she had a plastic heart. Aayu’s heart ached of pain, the pain of making decisions, she felt jealous of the doll, who did not have to endure anything as such through her plastic heart.

She picked up the doll and threw it over the floor.


‘Aayu must have had a doll, when she spoke those words!’ Kaya thought. She was getting closer.

Aayu could remember details from the events.

‘Why was I fighting with Mayur? Where is the doll?’ she questioned herself.

Kaya knew Aayu’s memory was coming back, which meant that the spell was slowly turning permanent. The guests at the ball, though confused were getting faint memories back. Aayu decided she had seen the doll named Kaya before, it was the same doll Mayur had given her earlier. She felt the fang of guilt return back into her body, her senses unable to properly perceive the events.

‘It’s all your fault!’ Aayu said looking at Kaya. ‘You casted a spell over me,’ she said unsure that what she had just uttered would not make sense to a normal human.

Suddenly she picked up the doll and threw it across the room. Kaya did not know what was happening. There was a small part of her heart still beating. Her head hit the floor and a flash of light went pass by. Time slowed down.

Kaya opened her eyes. She could see the palace. She was walking towards the palace in her red dress with her sisters. She walked ahead unsure if it was just a dream, a spell Zafar had meant devised to make her suffer until the end. She entered the palace, walking through the corridors, the halls that she thought she would never see again.

Master Wei was at the main entrance to the ball room.

‘You did well,’ he said.

Kaya remained stunned unable to understand what had just happened.

‘We’ve travelled back in time, everything exactly the same except Zafar,’ he added.

Kaya was still unsure if it was really Master Wei she was seeing. Master Wei sensed her amusement, raised his wand and made gesture in the air. It was the proof, he had to be Master Wei.

‘What happened?’ she questioned.

‘You, my dear just broke one of the most powerful spells ever casted,’ he said as he smiled, the old smile.

‘And Zafar?’ Kaya questioned.

‘We’ve returned back into time, a few hours before the spell was casted. Everything will work accordingly, except Zafar will not be there to interrupt our plans,’ he said as he waved towards the King and Queen.

‘Will it be the same in the other world too?’ she questioned.

Kaya had seen the vision from Aayu and Mayur’s conversation on that day as she traveled back to Middlelands. She did not want them to be sad and broken, they were the ones who kept her safe.

‘Yes, of course. But humans you know, they are changing all the time,’ he said. ‘Oh by the way, Aayu must be one tough lady to break Zafar’s spell.’

‘It was Aayu?’

‘Yes, you and Aayu both. Somehow you forged a bond with her.’

‘Can I help her change her day? It’s her 17th birthday in two days.’

‘Humans I believe have something called free will. They will do as they please. But you may send your wishes. She may not realize them, but there might be chances of her feeling them.’

Kaya nodded.

‘Can you see the future Master Wei?’

‘Of course I cannot, we must reach the future to see it. One might as well change it.’

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It was two days before Aayu’s birthday. She walked towards the garden. Mayur was waiting impatiently to break the news. She smiled and moved ahead.

‘I have something to tell you,’ she said.

‘So do I,’ he added.


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