Just in case you are wondering what to do on the ‪#‎WorldEnvironmentDay‬ and well also for the rest of your life, you can try:

1. Taking your own recycable bag when you’re on the shop till your drop mood or on any other boring grocery day.

2. Throw the choco wrapper right in the dust bin or in your pockets, yeap your pockets (well when the dustbin is not in sight in about 100m)

3. Make your own ‪#‎DIY‬ compost manure to use in the kitchen garden. (My parents have grown a whole lot of tomatoes, chillies and even spinach right in the terrace. )

4. Plant a shrub in your birthday and take care of it. (Start today if its your birthday. Happy Birthday! Buy a flower from a nursery if you can’t plant in case its not a planting season.)

5. Wear all of your clothes and shoes till they can be worn or donate if you don’t like them anymore.

6. Do not throw your household garbage out on the road (or may be infront of a despised neighbour) if the municipality garbage truck fails to show up for a few days.

7. Lets take a moment of lifetime to remember that we only got one world, and well apparently one life.

8. Remember point #7 again.

Now lets start applying. Tada!

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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