Ha! Don’t get me wrong and don’t start using your brains in the wrong direction. I’m talking about music, here, about the art of singing and speaking, and why it starts in the bathroom, and well why the bathroom is actually a good place to start singing and even talking.

I believe the phrase ‘Bathroom singer’ probably emerged because the bathroom is actually a good place to start singing. With tiles (mostly) surrounding the four walls the bathroom forms a good place to start practicing because the voice echoes back to a certain extend. I have tried recording a few songs in the bathroom (yes, in the bathroom) and the echo adds to the voice. Moreover it feels good to hear your voice echo (well in the bathroom at least even if you get nervous with the microphone).

In fact it’s a good place to know how your voice may sound back on the microphone. I personally think hearing your voice echo back from the speakers is one of the things that makes most of us nervous.

And while you are taking a hot shower or may be washing your clothes, its always a good time to sing and share the joy. Singing is in fact a personal habit, just like brushing your teeth. We all love to sing, now don’t we? No wonder we all begin as bathroom singers with the personal space for ourselves.

Well, it all starts in the bathroom, the song, and then transfers onto the living room, school/college competitions and performances, and even the stages across the globe (well, who knows right? So let’s just keep hoping).

So lets keep Singing and sharing, so that we may be able to gain the confidence to get out of the bathroom and also get the required feedback. 😀

Happy Singing and Speaking too!

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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