I Haven’t Reached the Peak

‘Do you think that the source up there is very cruel?’ asked the master.

‘I’m not sure,’ replied the boy, half perplexed.

‘Then?’ questioned the master again.

‘But then why haven’t I succeeded yet in my journey after all the battles I have fought,’ said the boy with a tint of doubt in his eye.

‘You didn’t succumb in the battle my boy, and neither have you found out where you need to be,’ said the master and paused.

The boy looked at the mountain ahead, the clouds circling the peak, the dense clouds.

‘You haven’t tried harder my boy. We are all in a different journey. The knights who started along with you might have reached the top, but that doesn’t mean you have failed,’ the master said as he walked ahead, leaving the boy to ponder upon.

The words of the master echoed in his ears.

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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