The entire world knows what happened to Cinderella after the prince Charming found her through the glass slippers. Here is my twisted version of the ending. Enjoy!

Part I

Prince Eric was all but smitten by the lady he danced with the night before. He kept on staring at the one glass slippers left by the beautiful maiden.

“I don’t even know her,” uttered a desperate Eric.

He looked at them again, touched it gently as if it were its owner herself.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” questioned someone from behind.

“Daniel,” exclaimed the prince.

Daniel looked at Eric, his best friend, dissolved into the memories of a girl whose identity was yet unknown.

“How will you find her through a slipper?” he asked in a worried tone.

“It shall only fit the girl who danced with me the night before,” replied a confident Eric. His voice felt as if he knew what was to come.

Daniel sighed. “There could be a hundred girls out there.”

“No it shall only fit her. Please don’t be so pessimistic regarding my yet to start love story.”

“Well, I shan’t.”

From the next day a massive search for the lady began. Messengers were sent, guards were sent off to invite all the maidens in the kingdom to come and try their luck on the shoe.

“The prince shall marry the lady to whom the slipper fits!” gasped a girl hearing the announcement in a nearby village.

All the maidens reached the castle for a trial of the shoe. The eyes filled with hopes to marry the prince, constantly stared at the glass slipper that shone in the bright sun. All the maidens were their, even Cinderella, pushed by her mice friends.

“Cinderelle,” said Gus, one of the mice hidden in her pocket. “I know it will fit you.”

“I wouldn’t say a word,” whispered Cinderella.

“Why doesn’t she say its hers,” exclaimed Jack, the other mice.

Cinderella flashed off an awkward smile and Jack hid back in her pocket.

There was a sudden rush, anxiety of some kind in the crowd. The maidens were gasping in horror.

“What’s wrong?” asked Cinderella. The mob was anxious. There were screams, Cinderella thought she heard something.

“The slipper broke!” screamed someone at the front.

“No,” thought Cinderella. “It couldn’t.” Her heart sank; she could feel her knees go weak. She felt the sudden urge for help to stand.

“No it must be wrong,” exclaimed Jack.

“But Cinderelle has the other pair,” said Gus, his eyes gleaming.

“Yes I do,” said Cinderella as she felt the slippers in her pocket. She smiled at the little mice. Gus blushed back, Jack sighed.

She felt the need to walk up and speak out loud that she had the other shoe. But something pulled her back. She stopped. Her self esteem fell. She was just an ordinary girl, deduced to a servant now, thanks to her stepmother and stepsisters. But neither could she kill the immense love she felt for the prince, his warm embrace and the songs they had danced on that night. No, she could not let her dreams tear apart without a try. Suddenly she felt a strange energy run through her body. It was giving her the strength. She ran.

“I’ve got the other slipper, I’ve got…..” she exclaimed in joy as she slowly reached the front.

All eyes turned to her. How could a servant girl have it? Or so it really was? Questions loomed around. Anastasia and Pricilla, her stepsister waiting in line heard her. Just then Cinderella hit a stone and fell.

“No!,” she screamed.

Her dreams were shattered, again. She remained on the road, her eyes drenched in tears. She couldn’t understand why everything was going all wrong, why nothing could ever be good to her. The crowd began to laugh. She hid her head as she felt destiny stab her, all over again.

‘How is the prince ever going to find me?’ she thought as she tried to get back on her feet.

To her surprise she stood up to find the prince right in front of her. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the slippers in his hands.

“Did you lose something young lady?” said Eric referring to the shoe.

Cinderella blushed and nodded. He asked her to try the shoe on and finally the hunt for Eric’s princess was over.

But wait this is not the end!

But wait this is not the end!

Posted by:Alfa M. Shakya

Someone who likes to make things.

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